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How to Keep Your Indoor Cat Active!

Keeping your indoor feline friend active and happy is something most owners struggle with, this results in unhappy and obese cats.

Keeping them active doesn’t have to be a chore, start with having a variety of scratching posts/trees in different forms and heights for them to explore and climb. You may even want to add different levels from cat trees to ledges attached to the walls for your cat to explore or hide. These can be homemade or store bought, but it will add enrichment to their day and a way to watch everything that is going on in the home.

Of course, adding a variety of toys to their daily lives is essential. Go between different sizes and shapes. Different textures and sounds. Such as crinkle balls or bells and feathers or squeakers. It helps keep them entertained. You may even switch out toys so that all are not always available, add some catnip as a treat or for all play.

You may even use their food an incentive! You can buy or make cat food puzzles. It will work their mind as well as keeping them busy with rewards throughout the day. You can easily limit the amount of food that goes into the toys to help limit any weight gain.

Written by: Meaghan Wall, RVT



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