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Heartworm Testing

Detecting heartworm disease early generally allows for a faster and more effective response to treatment. Heartworm disease is both treatable and preventable, but it is a serious and deadly disease that shows no signs in its early stage. Testing can ensure that your dog is heartworm free and preventatives are working.

If a dog has heartworms, what symptoms should I look for?

Many dogs infected with heartworm do not show symptoms in the early stages of infection. Symptoms include but are not limited to coughing, exercise intolerance and weight loss.

How does a dog get heartworms?

Dogs get infected when a mosquito carrying heartworm larvae bites them.

What are the treatment options for heartworms?

If your dog tests positive for heartworm, our veterinarians will tailor a protocol to your dog’s case. This may include radiographs, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and a course of injections for an anti-parasite drug.

Why is recovery for heartworm treatment so challenging?

When a parasite is killed, they can travel into the bloodstream, causing cardiovascular compromise. There can also be an inflammatory response in the lungs, causing your pet to have trouble breathing.


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