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Blood Tests

Blood tests are important to help determine your dog’s organ function. Blood tests may also detect certain diseases, including kidney disease, thyroid disease, diabetes and many more. Routine bloodwork can lead to early detection of some diseases. If detected early, we can help your dog live a longer, healthier life as treatments can be started earlier if required.

Why is it important to perform blood tests for dogs?

Routine or preventative bloodwork helps uncover underlying medical problems that you or your veterinarian may not be aware of. It also gives valuable insight into the health of your dog and the opportunity to catch illnesses early and incorporate a treatment plan.

How do I interpret my dog’s blood test results?

Your veterinarian will go over your pet’s bloodwork results with you, explaining in detail what each value means. Your veterinarian will also explain if any value is too high or low, what could be the cause of this and how to go forward. If you have any questions or concerns in regard to your pet’s bloodwork, please ask. We want you to understand, and we are here to help!


dog laying on bed

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