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Sarah J

Client Care Representative
Sarah joined our team in 2018 after graduating from the Veterinary Assisting program at Ashworth University. Although she loved the veterinary medicine world, Sarah is currently studying Criminology at Red River College Polytechnic with the goal of one day joining the police force. When not working or studying Sarah enjoys camping, fishing, hunting, gaming and watching anime. Most of all, she enjoys spending time with her own crew of 4 legged creatures including Roxy the Chihuahua, Daisy the longhaired Chihuahua, her 3 cats Archer, Saber, and Yuuki, Dixon the bearded dragon, and Gizmo the leopard gecko.


dog laying on bed

Why Does My Dog Walk Around in Circles Before They Lay Down?

Circling around before lying down is likely a residual instinct from when their ancestors lived out in the wilderness. Your dog’s ancestors would have paced in circles to flatten down and warm their sleeping area.

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