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Melanie M

Client Care Representative

Melanie joined our team in March 2020.  She is a wife, mother of 2, and of course an animal lover.  After retiring from massage therapy, she decided to follow her heart and work with all of the wonderful fur babies we encounter here at the hospital. 

Melanie volunteers at the Winnipeg Humane Society and has 2 cats of her own: Nox and Lumos.  She is also an avid crafter! Her passion extends to just about any creative outlet she can learn about; crochet, cake decorating and photography are just a few of the ways Melanie expresses her creative side.


dog laying on bed

Why Does My Dog Walk Around in Circles Before They Lay Down?

Circling around before lying down is likely a residual instinct from when their ancestors lived out in the wilderness. Your dog’s ancestors would have paced in circles to flatten down and warm their sleeping area.

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