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Client Care Representative
Born and raised with a deep passion for animals, I have always been drawn to feral cats, dogs, farm animals, and everything in between. My first love was horses, which quickly expanded to include a passion for dogs, their training, and their behaviour. Growing up, I spent countless hours on the farm, engaging in daily chores and learning about animal husbandry.

After graduation, I pursued my passion for dog training, finding it to be the perfect blend of my intuition and love for force-free, positive reinforcement techniques. I graduated from the Animal Behaviour College in 2009, where I quickly established connections with other trainers and behaviorists in the lower mainland.

My career began with the BCSPCA, where I discovered a profound love for helping our most vulnerable animals and people. Over the course of 13 years, I gained extensive knowledge in animal welfare, training, and enrichment, dedicating countless hours to working with some of the most fearful and abused dogs. I am deeply passionate about choice-based training and specialize in working with impulsive and fearful dogs.

In addition to my role here at St. Vital Veterinary Hospital, I run a small dog training business called BestPals, where I am committed to cooperative care. I am fear-free certified in both veterinary medicine and animal sheltering.


dog laying on bed

Why Does My Dog Walk Around in Circles Before They Lay Down?

Circling around before lying down is likely a residual instinct from when their ancestors lived out in the wilderness. Your dog’s ancestors would have paced in circles to flatten down and warm their sleeping area.

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