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5 of the Coolest Pet Tech

1. Petzi
While we are away, we miss our pets! This pet webcam allows you to watch live videos, talk to your pet and even dispense treats for your pet all through an app on your smartphone. It even has a night vision mode.

2. PitPat
Ever wonder how much activity your pet is getting. Now you can find out right on your smartphone! PitPat is the FitBit for pets. Attach it to your pets’ collar and track your pet’s activity right from your smartphone!

3. GoPro Fetch
This waterproof and padded harness mounts a GoPro camera on your pets back and chest to give you a dogs-eye view.

4. Pavlovian Puppy Potty Trainer
This puppy pad is designed to dispense a treat every time your puppy potties on the pad. It also has a built-in chime to reinforce what you are teaching.

5. One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel and Dogtread Treadmill
Cats and dogs need exercise too. When the weather isn’t permitting, you can still walk your pet indoors. The One Fast Cat Excelsis Wheel has a no-slip grip ring on the inside to ensure that your cat has traction the whole time. The DogTread Treadmill comes in 3 different sizes to accommodate dogs of all sizes. You’ll also get exercise programs and training DVD’s to ensure the product is being used safely.

Written by: Sarah Jesso, Receptionist



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